Feb 13, 2012

What You Could Do With A $7Million

Spotted at the 2012 Big Boys Toys in Dubai few days ago. A modest and empty booth, with a small round table and two chairs, and the above cardboard displaying unique mobile numbers. Curiously I approached the lonely guy standing next to the cardboard to know more. Apparently these are exclusive mobile numbers from Kazakhstan with international roaming, and claims that the last number- the one  consisting of 7s only- is the most exclusive number on the planet. It's an extra super unique mobile number. The price-tag for the top three is around $500,000. But if that's not crazy enough, the last number is offered for $7,000,000.  That's Seven. Million. Dollars!

That extra super unique number is waiting for an extra super stupid person to buy.


  1. i even don't finish to read this post but thought - it is so stupid thing to pay this amount for number...
    somehow depressing...

  2. I cannot comprehend why anybody with $7M to spare on a cell phone number, would want to purchase that number? Can you even imagine the crazy calls the dude / dudette could receive, because every Looney tune out there now knows the cell number has been "sold" to a potential moneybag?


  3. @ deros - Stupid thing indeed. Funny though, not depressing.

  4. @ Rosh - True. For that price, the sim-card should at least come with a personal assistant whose main job is to answer crazy and prank calls.