Dec 21, 2011

Restaurants: 1762 The Gourmet Deli Co

Opened just less than 3 months ago, 1762 Gourmet Deli Co is proudly a Dubai-based company, but it has all the right elements to make it a worldwide recognizable franchise. Starting with the company's logo to the shop concept, and ending with the dining experience, 1762 is truly one of the unique new gourmet venues to open recently, and I wouldn't be surprised if I hear that it has opened in London or New York in the future. I have to say that their attention to detail to create that special ambiance is quite impressive and without a match in Dubai. My first impression was that this place is created and managed by people who are passionate about food; preparing it, presenting it, and serving it.

1762 is a deli, so there is no kitchen, but you'll find an amazing fresh selection of sandwiches, wraps, pastries, salads, soup, and more. And for the sweet-tooths out there, their dessert selection is alluring. I strongly recommend the sensational Orange Cake, and the melt-in-your-mouth Shortbread. The latter was on the house by the lovely manager, Rebecca, with whom I had the pleasure of having a quick chat about the store's concept. They have plans to expand in Dubai, with currently a second shop in the pipeline. My only issue, however, is that they close at 6 pm daily, and on weekends they don't operate at all. But as the manager explained, they're still in the soft opening phase with plans to expand the operating hours in the future.  That would be awesome, since I am more of a night person.

So what's the story behind their name, 1762, you might ask? It's the year the 'sandwich' was invented by John Montague, the Earl of Sandwich. 

For more photos, check out Emiratesque's Facebook page - Warning: not while hungry!

1762 The Gourmet Deli Co. is located at DIFC | Level 1 | The Balcony | Open 8am to 6pm Sun to Thurs | 1762 Facebook Page

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  1. I just had a light meal but still can't stand taking a closer look at the photoes you dropped. Your description stimulates the stomach to rebel.
    Thanks for sharing.