Dec 15, 2011

Hästens Vividus: World's Most Expensive Mattress

You spend one-third of your life in bed, but how much you want to invest in your bed is totally up to you. You are looking at the most expensive and most exclusive bed in the world owned by world's royals, and the rich and famous; the Hästens Vividus bed. Yours truly spent some time pretending to be one by testing it in a private room at Hästens' shop for a short while. It was the most expensive nap I have ever taken, and didn't want to get up.

How expensive the mattress is, you might ask. Well, it's up there along price tags of the likes of luxury cars or one-bedroom apartments in Dubai. Vividus retails for AED 357,500 - Approx $97,000. Yes, you read it right the first time. A financing scheme through a local bank could be arranged, I was told.

Hästens, a Swedish brand that was established in 1852, is known for their quality handmade mattresses, and using materials such as horsehair, cotton and wool. Each bed is made to order according to the client's specifications, such as firmness, color, or even name personalization, and comes with a 25 years guarantee. It takes 140 to 160 hours to make, and a limited number are made each year at their facility in Köping, Sweden.

The store displays around 11 bed models, with a price tag starting at AED 24,000, and the Vividus being their high end model.

Hästens - officially opens today- just opened their first store in the GCC in Dubai at Sunset Mall - Jumeirah 3, with a plan to open 10 more stores in the UAE and GCC within two years. Their store offers private rooms for a private 30 minute mattress testing, or luxury napping?


  1. wow since it's all about royals here. should I invite my sister in law here :))))))

  2. So maybe I can arrange to pay Dhs 1000 monthly for the next 30 years, sounds fair!
    A healthy life and average life expectation, my debt will be over when I'm in my 60s! This should be included in a will's